The Islands Trust is attempting a complete annihilation of our local economy and social well being with new bylaws they are attempting to sneak through. These bylaws in conjunction with the new policy statement if implemented will put a strangle-hold on many hard working folks and their ability to

put food on their families table.

The Islands Trust is now controlled by eco-radicals, who have a extreme conservancy agenda

with a total lack of regard for the working class citizens.We have rich history of sustainable forestry here in SSI. 

Along with a huge opportunity for selective harvesting on conservancy lands as well as private property.

Utilizing harvested timber to be milled into lumber and used right here on the gulf islands for employee housing projects for instance.

Other value added uses of wood harvested here are numerous and would bring prosperity and security to to many people which in turn would be positive for the whole community, while at the same time we would be keeping our forests healthy for generations to come and mitigating the ever looming wildfire risk at the same time.

The Islands Trust as it is now must be stopped.

Please get involved, we have to get engaged and vote in the next election of Islands Trust Trustees.

It’s never been more important on SSI than now.

Write letters and voice your opposition to the tactics the Islands Trust are currently using to undermine our community.

And most importantly get out and vote on Oct 15th.



Support the private land rights and forestry jobs for residents on Salt Spring by opposing "The Coastal Douglas Fir Project" proposed by the Islands Trust.
The Islands Trust Is trying to cram this through during Covid without proper public discourse.
They have been at it for years! Paying biologists with our tax dollars! To then take away rights from Private Land Owners and workers, who are the very people who pay the taxes. This is insanity! Those opposed need to join together to stop this before it is too late.

The meeting referred to as the "kick off" for the CDF project by the Islands trust for anyone who was not attending started off with one of the trustees saying "70% of the island could be clear cut tomorrow.” This ridiculous statement is nothing more than fear-mongering and propaganda.

This type of propaganda has been being pushed by eco-radicals here on SSI through social media and the local paper for far too long. In Sept 2019 there a Gulf Islands Driftwood newspaper’s letter to the editor likening loggers and logging with people who took first nations children away to residential schools.

With articles weekly demonizing the logging and loggers, the eco-radicals and the Islands Trust are pushing the idea that there is some sort of crisis where there is none. Their agenda is pretty clear, with talk of a by-law being implemented for a permit to be required to fall one tree.

These eco-radicals march around the island mercilessly,
trespassing on private land snooping around, taking pictures, with nothing better to do than plan how to threaten the lively hoods of Private Land Owners, forestry workers, sawmill operators etc with their eco-radical delusions.

 Some of these eco-radicals are retired, independently wealthy folks coming from God knows where with their sanctimonious ideas and delusions about how old time Salt Springers should be going about their lawful business. Some also have been long time Island residents who have been crying "the sky is falling the sky is falling" all the while.
This needs to stop.

A BC government fact sheet quoted by premier John Horgan states: ”Old growth forests are not disappearing in Canada. There is more than 25 million hectares of old growth forests in B.C. About 4.5 million hectares are fully protected representing and area larger than Vancouver Island."

On Salt Spring Island old growth forests are not logged, here second growth forests are logged at a rate of 25 thousand cubic meters, at best, annually.
Meanwhile the annual growth is over 350 thousand cubic meters and compounding annually, making the forestry here 100% sustainable. The Douglas Fir Project the Islands Trust is proposing completely disregards this fact.

 The hard-working people and their families are also being completely disregarded and their lively hoods are being threatened. Private Land Owners rights are being threatened as well.

Salt Spring already has stringent rules and regulations when it comes to logging and developing private property, from developmental permit areas to riparian zones.
We do not need any more rules and regulations added to the myriad of existing hurdles placed in front of private property owners, loggers, local sawmill operators, machine operators, builders etc.

A 2 acre or 20 acre piece of private property being cleared for pasture, a home or both is not a CLEAR CUT.

Properly managed forests protect wildlife habitat, supports tens of thousands of jobs in Canada (which pulls a great amount of our indigenous people out of poverty) and reduces the risk of disease and forest fires.
This empowers our forest sector and creates jobs at a time when needed most.

Eco Radical groups not just on Salt Spring but all across Canada are effectively threatening the lively hoods of hard-working people not just in the forest sector but in all the resource-based industries.
Keeping them from going to work in great well managed industries is truly a disservice to us all.

It is so disheartening and shameful that the Islands Trust and the eco-radicals are causing hard working people to have to spend their invaluable time off from work fighting for the right to make a living while they ought to be enjoying their time with their families and moving forward in positive endeavours. It is more than shameful and disheartening, it's a crime.   

Please contact your local MLA  and demand they address this immediately.  


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Hope Is Where the Heart Is

At STOP THE ISLANDS TRUST we believe in taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about the Islands Trust and their eco-radical agenda. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in our future.


Salt Spring Island had dozens of log dumps not all that long ago, the logging history is very rich and the early loggers should be celebrated for their efforts and talent.(our roads wouldn't be there without them) There were numerous log dumps in Fulford-Harbour as well a number of them right in Ganges, including Grace point. There are still old timers here with first hand memory of these days. The whole island was "clear cut" not that long ago. To say what we have here today are "clear cuts" is ridiculous. The sustainable forestry on the island now is but a tiny fraction of what the forestry once was. Old Growth logging is a thing of the past on SSI, now we harvest second and third growth all on PRIVATE LAND!! The eco-radicals who are pushing the idea that there is some kind of environmental crisis here on SSI are delusional and dangerous, posing a very great threat to our economy and to the social well being of all Islanders alike. We need a public information campaign to bring the history of the logging and homesteading to light and show how the Island can and has reforested itself naturally. The more than sustainable forestry practiced here today harvests 20 to 40 times less than that of the annual growth, and that growth is compounding. There is actually a part of the "official community plan" OCP that protects forestry operations and the lively hoods of the forestry workers here, this needs to be maintained not revised. The more conserved land mandate takes land out of the tax base then raising taxes for the remainder, turning this into an island only for the rich. Leaving a skeletal form of the community that this once was. To think glamping and eco-radical tourism is the way to preserve the island completely disregards the traditional way of life of many islanders, shame on those who want to rid the island of its traditional workers, farmers, and homesteaders, all of whom cleared THEIR land or portions of it. Not to mention the fact that there are many first nations here on SSI who work in forestry on the island, and have been doing so multi generationally, along with descendants of early settlers. 

Please email your representatives.

  Demand the termination of the Islands Trust's " Coastal Douglas-Fir and associated eco-systems project" Let them know that we will not tolerate the theft of our private property rights and that this agenda they are pushing will effectively steal our ability to sustain ourselves.  Demand that the Islands Trust must scrap the the new "Draft Policy Statement" that they are trying to implement for it is nothing more than a power grab that will effectively put a strangle hold on our economy and the social well being of all Islanders alike.

  1. Donald Clarke, Islands Trust Conservancy Board Member

  2. Linda Adams, Islands Trust Conservancy Board Member


  3. Peter Grove, Salt Spring Island Trustee


  4. Laura Patrick, Salt Spring Island Trustee


  5. Peter Luckham, Chair: SSI


  6. Benjamin McConchie, North Pender Trustee


  7. Deb Morrison, North Pender Island Trustee


  8. Cameron Thorn, South Pender Island Trustee


  9. Steve Wright, South Pender Island Trustee


  10. Paul Brent, Saturna Island Trustee


  11. Lee Middleton, Saturna Island Trustee


  12. Jeanine Dodds, Mayne Island Trustee


  13. David Maude, Mayne Island Trustee


  14. Dan Rogers, Chair


  15. Doug Fenton, Thetis Island Trustee


  16. Peter Luckham, Thetis Island Trustee


  17. Tahirih Rockafella, Galiano Island Trustee


  18. Jane Wolverton, Galiano Island Trustee


19 Adam Olson MLA


20 Josie Osborne, Minister Of Municipal Affairs


21 Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development - Katrine Conroy                           FLNR.Minister@gov.bc.ca  

22 BC Ombudsman


Pass it on, share this with everyone you can.  YOU can make a difference!

We have a good thing going here, let's not let a few squeaky wheels steal ours and our children's future on these beautiful and resourceful Islands.

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Thank You.