Support private land owner rights, working farms, builders and forestry jobs for residents on Salt Spring Island by opposing the "Protection of Coastal Douglas-fir and Associated Eco-systems Project" proposed by the Islands Trust. The Islands Trust Is trying to cram this through during Covid without proper public discourse.

This is the just the latest set of restrictions promoted by the Islands Trust. Remember the Riparian Regulations? They wanted a set back from run-off ditches of 30 meters, representing a vast property taking.

We pay the people who are imposing these restrictions. We pay for the biologists who cook up the reports. No opposing studies are ever commissioned and there exists no funded organization opposing or even fact-checking these studies. Are they right? We don’t know. This is not science.

More and more land is put into conservation every year, more and more land is taken out of the tax base, which means those property owners left pay more taxes. Lack of land means house prices go up, which means that more and more, the island is becoming an island for the wealthy. Which means it is less diverse, less interesting, just a parking lot for the wealthy three months a year. The community is drawn down, skeletal, just another place for rich people to have second and third homes.

"70% OF THE ISLAND COULD BE CLEAR CUT TOMORROW!” announced the trustees when launching the Coastal Douglas-Fir and Associated eco-systems Initiative.

Any adult has to see this statement for what it is: fear-mongering and propaganda. Further, the trust and its supporters slander resource workers in the most heinous of terms. Last fall in the local paper, loggers were compared to whites who took First Nations children away to residential schools. This is appalling and particularly cruel in such a small community which used to be tight-knit and strong until members of the environmental movement moved in and divided us.

They want a by-law requiring a permit to fall one tree, anywhere on Salt Spring.

Supporters of this bylaw, travel the island, trespassing on private lands, snooping, taking pictures in order to threaten the livelihood of private land owners, farmers, forestry workers, sawmill operators. They are merciless.

Many of these people are independently wealthy, with little idea of the struggle faced by working families. They have no conscience. Their cruelty towards the weakest group of our community is heartbreaking. Resource workers kids are taunted at schools. To repeat, this used to be a peaceful community. Until they arrived.

Premier John Horgan states that "Old growth forests are not disappearing in Canada. There is more than 25 million hectares of old growth forests in B.C. About 4.5 million hectares are fully protected representing and area larger than Vancouver Island."

On Salt Spring Island old growth forests are NOT logged, here second growth forests are logged at a rate of 25 thousand cubic meters at best annually. Meanwhile the annual growth is over 350 thousand cubic meters, compounding annually. Making the forestry here 100% sustainable.

Salt Spring already has stringent rules and regulations when it comes to logging/developing private property, from developmental permit areas to riparian zones. We do not need any more regulations added to the myriad of existing hurdles placed in front of private property owners, farmers, loggers, local sawmill operators, machine operators, builders etc.

A 2 acre or 20 acre piece of private property being cleared for pasture, a home or both is NOT a CLEAR CUT.

Properly managed forests protect wildlife habitat, supporting tens of thousands of JOBS in Canada (which pulls a great number of our indigenous people out of poverty) and reduces the risk of disease and forest fires. This empowers our forest sector and creates jobs at a time when they are needed most.

Eco Radical groups on Salt Spring and all across Canada are effectively threatening the livelihoods of hard working people in all the resource based industries. Keeping them from going to work in great, well managed industries is truly a disservice to us all. It is so disheartening and shameful that the Islands Trust and their radical supporters, are causing hard working people to have to spend their invaluable time off from work fighting for the right to make a living while they ought to be enjoying their time with their families and moving forward in positive endeavours. It is more than shameful and disheartening, it's a crime.

Sign here to petition the Provincial Government to terminate the "Protection of Coastal Douglas-fir and Associated Eco-systems Project" proposed by the Islands Trust.